Why Work Here

Corporate Tools objective is to overpay, over-perform, and overachieve; while maintaining a work / life balance that allows you to go home at night and enjoy life. Are you tired of going through a drive through and getting the wrong thing? Tired of walking out of a business transaction feeling ripped off? Tired of ordering a box of goods, getting it delivered late, spending an hour on the phone trying to get a refund or figure out how to ship it back? Somewhere, as we all became addicted to cell phones, social media, and electronic stimulation, we forgot how to interact with the public.

We fight Corporate Stupidity every day. We don’t just fight the Corporate Filing Buracratic Jungle every day. We fight for doing things right as a business by doing things right. Every time. You can be a part of this. We talk to thousands of people every day. We’d like to think that by having an amazing experience for each of our clients, we help them turn around and be amazing to their clients.

Our goal is to pay you more for what you do than you’d make somewhere else. We believe in you.

We think if we put our best foot forward when trying to take care of you, that you’ll in turn take care of our clients, and in a dream it would all be perfect. It’s not perfect. So we fight the jungle every day. Pick up a spear, a wrench, a hammer and come join us.

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The Stuff You Really Care About

  • Paid Time Off We provide 18 days paid time off. Yeah. If you work in our most entry level position, you still get 18 days paid time off. We want you to take your birthday off, your anniversary, your spouse, your children, your dogs birthday! You do your thing.
  • Paid Holidays We offer our employees 4 paid holidays off a year. Everyone celebrates holidays differently and we want to respect that. So which holidays you want off is your choice!
  • Retirement We do a 3% match. We use Fidelity, so you can actually pick any stocks or mutual funds you’d like.
  • Health, Dental, Vision Corporate Tools is proud to provide 100% medical, dental and vision insurance coverage for their employees.
  • Highest Pay in the Area Our goal is to always pay you more than you’d make anywhere else.