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What is Entity Management Software?

Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, LPs, Nonprofits, and any variety of a businesses are considered corporate entities. A business entity by definition is a separate, alter identity from the people who run the business. This is only possible by having a corporate structure that these businesses must abide by to be considered a business. Many law firms, accounting firms, small businesses, and large conglomerates utilize some kind of software platform to manage all their corporate entities. Entity Management Software provides one area to see all your companies, where they’re registered, their corporate status, who owns them, who manages them. Entity Management Software provides document automation, important document storage, and corporate compliance filing alerts.

How do we help?

We are corporate filing specialists first and foremost. We provide real-time support. And not just for how to use our software, but we provide insight in how to make registrations in every jurisdiction and how to maintain corporate entities.

Why our software is different?

Our Entity Management Software provides law firms, accounting firms, registered agent services, and online incorporation services instant access to every filing form they might need. We answer questions about how to process whatever corporate filings via email and phone. But the real difference is that you can actually manage your business with our entity management software. You can provide a registered agent portal for your clients. You can provide an online dashboard for your online incorporation clients. You can provide real-time filing status of all your filings to your clients. You can use our software to bill your clients via paper invoicing, or connect your own credit card merchant account and accept payments online direct with your credit card processor. We provide you corporate tools for your own business if you’re in the business of providing corporate services. Our service and software is not just different, it’s life changing.

That’s crazy! That’s never been done?

Yeah, that’s why we think we’re special. Corporate Tools provides back office support for business filing services, incorporation services, company formation services, registered agent services, law firms, accounting firms, solo practitioners, business compliance services, and business licensing services.

  • We provide the human solution to Data AND Customer Service.
  • We provide the logistical solution to getting data and documents throughout the US.
  • We provide the software to power your business.

But our biggest solution we provide you is our people. We are a 30,000 square foot office in Post Falls Idaho available for whatever you need to help your business succeed. We’re as big or as small as you need us to be. We answer phone calls for registered agent services, we do corporate filings for incorporation services, we send out invoices for law firms.

You’d be amazed at whose customer service phone calls and emails we answer in the corporate filing world. We are a seamless extension for more than 30,000 lawyers. Their part-time paralegal available in an instant for about $20-$30. We make corporate filings happen at whatever level you need. Many of our clients simply use our Entity Management Software, but we even help our lawyers and accountants when they go on vacation so they can still make money and keep their clients happy.

How in the world does that work?

So you have a small business and you hired your lawyer to do a filing for you. A year or so later, you need to register in another state. If that lawyer is on vacation, he can provide you (his client) with a CorporateTools portal. Then, you log into your account, add a filing and that lawyer or his staff will do it for you. But sometimes that lawyer might get too busy or need some help. That law firm or lawyer can seamlessly have us fill in when they get too busy. We work behind the scenes to keep business filings in any jurisdiction moving by either helping a lawyer or their staff or helping them get the work get done fast.

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