Corporate Tools in Post Falls, Idaho is looking for a Lawyer with experience in Intellectual Property. Corporate Tools is part of a 50 state conglomerate that operates in each state. We have a lot of legal work that arises out of operating in each state, from employment, civil to IP. We have a lot of complexities.




  • 100% employer-paid medical, dental and vision for employees
  • Annual cost of living increase
  • Annual review with 0-5% raise option
  • 18 days Paid Time Off
  • 4 paid holidays off of your choosing
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Direct Deposit
  • Simple IRA with 3% retirement contribution match starts day 1
  • Creative environment where you can make a difference
  • No dumb benefits like free dog walking on the weekends that snobby hipster places have to make you feel cool, but mathematically won't cost the company much money because you won't use it.
  • Trail Mix Bar --- oh yeah.


  • Quarterback anything and everything legal. We do registered agent service, corporate filings, software as a service, and operate physical locations in every state. As General Counsel, you’d be the primary front line responder to anything legal in our operation. You’d be responsible for determining if you can deal with the problem or hire local or specialized counsel in the appropriate jurisdiction.
  • You’ll be responsible for how we operate legally. Are we doing the right things? Are we operating legally? Is the city mad at us for something? Is the state mad at us for something? Who’s mad at us???? Who’s going to be mad at us and how do we avoid it? Are we violating someone's IP rights? Is someone encroaching on our IP? We have a massive amount of Intellectual Property. Massive. It will be shocking to you… 80% of your time will be dealing with IP, 20% will be dealing with the regular day to day legal needs that arise in our business.
  • Maintain trademarks in all 50 states and federal trademarks
  • Maintain servicemarks in all 50 states and federal registrations
  • Manage UDRP and Icann registrations, complaints, and responses
  • Maintain terms of service, privacy policies, and data collection and retention policies
  • Help with HIPPA and PCI compliance regulations
  • Help with random employment problems
  • Help respond to subpoenas
  • Manage all service agreements and legal agreements we make with vendors
  • Manage all service agreements we provide clients
  • 3-4 acquisitions a year. Stock purchases, asset purchases, website purchases. Some very large and complex
  • Provide support to all employees for any type of legal questions and all managers to help make daily decisions better
  • Explore and help craft new business ventures in the quasi legal services industry we work in such as offering trademarks, legal forms, and other legal services as a service
  • Help run the company through better and smarter legal decisions
  • Your direct report is the employees. Corporate Tools is a horizontal organization without any real C level organizational chart. You're crazy valuable and important day 1.

Not Your Responsibility

  • Litigation


  • Current experience in trademarks and service marks
  • Experience with ICANN and how domain names work
  • 5+ years experience with Intellectual Property
  • Some experience with HR, general business and commercial property law
  • Strong academic credentials including a J.D. from an accredited law school and current bar license
  • Competitive Attitude: This is a hard charging role. We move fast and we grow fast and you will need to enjoy beating our competition and helping us do this with smart legal decisions

Why you might like this job:

Having a traditional lawyer job wasn’t as fulfilling as you thought. You have to go out and hunt for your work every day and no matter how amazing of a job you do, no one is ever going to be happy about paying $150-$500/hour in legal fees. Ever! You have gone to school, put some time in, but at the end of the day you leave the law firm, just not happy or fulfilled. You’d like a place to call home where your experience and skill set is truly valued and where you can actually have a part of really running a company well versus firefighting and worrying about every 10 minutes you need to bill to make sure your partners can afford their BMW payments. You’re really good at what you do… you just have been longing for something much more real and normal. A place where you could have fun at work, the work could be fulfilling, and you could go home and do you at the end of the day instead of working on a crazy case in your mind or worrying about where you’re going to make the next billable hour to afford the life you don’t really want. Most importantly, you’re comfortable enough with yourself and can put your ego on the shelf to make a scary career change to be one of us normal people… whatever that means.

Additional Benefits

  • Company sponsored CLE’s to keep your trademark law skills sharp