Corporation Supplies Maker


Corporate Tools is hiring a Corporation Supply maker in our Post Falls Idaho location. You will be manufacturing books, seals, stamps, and corporate supplies. You will be assembling notebooks, sleeves, technical papers, using machines like grinders and lasers, foilers, stampers, complicated folding machines, stamping machines, and printers. You’ll be making supplies like corporate seals, rubbers stamps, and corporate stock certificates. This is not a normal manufacturing job. You’ll actually talk and email with our clients and vendors as well. So it’s quite a variety throughout the day.


$15.00 an hour


  • 100% employer-paid medical, dental and vision for employees
  • Annual cost of living increase
  • Annual review with raise option
  • 18 days Paid Time Off
    • Employees transition to flexible time off after 5 years with the company. Not accrued, not capped, take time off when you want.
  • 4 paid holidays off of your choosing
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • 4% company matching 401(k) with no vesting period
  • Quarterly "Work Wherever" allowance
    • Use to make your remote work wherever set up more comfortable, for continuing education classes, a plant for your desk, coffee for your coworker, a massage for yourself... really, whatever.
  • Creative environment where you can make a difference
  • No dumb benefits like free dog walking on the weekends that snobby hipster places have to make you feel cool, but mathematically won't cost the company much money because you won't use it.
  • Trail Mix Bar --- oh yeah.


  • Creating Corporate Books
  • Creating Corporate Seals
  • Working with very specific and detail oriented clients
  • Producing and shipping perfect orders in incredible processing times


  • Speed - You need to be willing to sweat and work fast
  • Precision - You need to have attention for detail
  • Quality - You just won't stand for crappy products

Why you might like this job:

You enjoy talking to clients, very detailed specifications, and yet zoning out and making the same thing for a few hours doesn’t bother you. You find craftmanship in just about everything you do. You mow your yard, and you have to have straight lines. You change your lawn mower blade on a regular basis because you want sharp cut grass. You purchase furniture and have to put it together and you have to put it together right. You might have found yourself wanting something that you couldn’t find and ultimately just made it from scratch. You order something on Amazon and the product is beat up, packaged poorly, or made badly and you notice it, it bugs you, and you struggle not to return it for the principle alone of it alone.