Head of Tax Avoidance Legal and Legitimate Schemer


We’re hiring for a Sr Head of Tax Avoidance and Legal Schemer Alchemist Position. Oh wait… I mean, are you looking for a boring CPA job otherwise known as Sr Tax Manager in Spokane or North Idaho for a CPA firm where you could neatly put your soul on the partner plan and maybe not feeling all that jazzed about the options of just jumping from one firm to the other? Like transitioning from Coke to Pepsi. We’re the Coke that miraculously has Jack Daniels already in it now! Whoop Whoop.

Hey there tax form filer. Your job sounds boring to us, that’s why we want you to do this crap so no one else has to melt their brain thinking about it… and all we really have to offer you is interesting folks, convoluted 50 state registrations and world wide income and paying tax literally everywhere and hoping to do it totally accurately so we don’t go to jail and move on. No one loves paying taxes. Although no one loves living in a third world country where a crooked dictator can do what they want so maybe taxes and our nationwide dysfunction accomplish something.

Whatever your case. We’re looking for a fun person to work with our vibrant group and sometimes inspired financial and accounting folks to try to file all this crap we have to file all over the place on time and accurately and maybe you’ll have a crazy idea at some point to make sure we pay as little as legally and legitimately possible. Think Ted Turner and conservation easements on weird Buffalo ranches in North Dakota. Yeah. Do whatever you want here… Just make sure we don’t go to jail or do something illegal.






  • 100% employer-paid medical, dental and vision for employees
  • Annual review with raise option
  • 22 days Paid Time Off
    • After 3 years, PTO increases to 29 days. Employees transition to flexible time off after 5 years with the company—not accrued, not capped, take time off when you want.
  • Paid Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • 4% company matching 401(k) with no vesting period
  • Quarterly "Work Wherever" allowance
    • Use to make your remote work wherever set up more comfortable, for continuing education classes, a plant for your desk, coffee for your coworker, a massage for yourself... really, whatever.
  • Open concept office with friendly coworkers
  • Creative environment where you can make a difference
  • No dumb benefits like free dog walking on the weekends that snobby hipster places have to make you feel cool, but mathematically won't cost the company much money because you won't use it.
  • Trail Mix Bar --- oh yeah.


  • Do I really need to explain this to you? You're the Sr Tax Person. Do Sr Tax Stuff.


  • You're a Sr Tax Person that can handle being a Sr Tax person

Why you might like this job:

You went to a lot of school. You like numbers. You like solving problems. You like organization and getting stuff done. You thought being a CPA at a firm would be amazing and then every time you hand someone a bill they are bummed… and you’re like, maybe if I am a partner at a firm and make money off of everyone else and only work on the premium clients I’ll be happier and then you realized, the premium clients are still bummed when you hand them a bill and you hopped online and by chance, you happened to stumble onto the weirdest Sr Tax Manager posting you’ve read and you now feel a little tingle… a little excitement like maybe just maybe Corporate Tools could save your soul and provide a fulfilling career where you have no cap to what you could do with taxes and actually help running a business.